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We will create for you a content for Veeva CRM and ensure its administration. We have extensive experience with Veeva presentations and Veeva Approved Emails.


Make the most of Veeva CRM

Thanks to Veeva CRM, communication with customers is more targeted and can be well evaluated. We can help you create and administer Veeva presentations and Veeva Approved Emails. According to your requirements, experienced graphic designers, copywriters and Veeva administrators will prepare them for you.


Veeva Approved Email is a platform that enables pharmaceutical sales teams to effectively communicate in a personalized way with physicians and other healthcare professionals. We'll prepare the content and graphics for your Veeva Approved emails and ensure they are HTML coded and uploaded to Veeva CRM.


Veeva CLM presentations are used by sales teams to distribute the latest approved content to healthcare professionals in an efficient and monitored manner. We provide complete implementation and administration of your Veeva presentations.


  • Uvozovky

    I have been working with PHCE for over 10 years and in that time I have encountered various "pears" across the organization. I have always worked with people who have been very polite, patient, creative, professional and helpful. In many ways they made my job easier and developed my ideas and suggested new solutions. Or, on the contrary, they recommended to give up the idea for a project if from their point of view it didn't make sense and we would be wasting time and money. I trust their judgment and look forward to more ideas together.

    Head of Marketing Immunology & Senior Brand Manager Dermatology, AbbVie
    Ing. Zuzana Tesařová
  • Uvozovky

    I have been privileged to work with PHCE (Pears Health Cyber Europe, s.r.o.) since 2013, and after the 10 years of close cooperation, whether in the field of education on the EUNI web portal or in other marketing activities in the Czech Republic and abroad, including the EU, US and SAR, I can “only” thank them with utmost respect and admiration for their high degree of professionalism, flexibility and a brilliant sense of detail. I also want to thank the destiny for allowing us to meet and cross our life and business paths in the best sense possible.

    I can honestly say that, thanks to the thoughtful and determined personalities at PHCE, our medicinal projects have been very successful and have contributed towards improving the quality of treatment for patients in the Czech Republic and beyond its borders.

    I wish to sincerely thank PHCE for excellent teamwork. “Together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.”

    Yours respectfully,

    Product manager, AOP Health
    Gabriela Mrovcová, MBA

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