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In cooperation with Key Opinion Leaders, we educate doctors, pharmacists and other medical staff in new treatment options.

ARRANGE A COURSE AT EUNI.CZ – we are the first in online education of healthcare professionals

The Electronic University is an independent e-learning project for lifelong learning designed for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.
Since 2006, we have delivered more than 250 online courses to more than 30,000 registered users.

EXPERIENCE AND COOPERATION WITH EXPERTS has experience, since 2006 we have been preparing accredited courses, recently mostly video courses, so that the education is a pleasant and possible. The range of courses (more than 250) is continuously expanded and updated to create a compendium of knowledge for lifelong learning in individual fields. We cooperate with renowned experts, ČSL JEP and professional chambers.

MORE THAN 30,000 REGISTERED HEALTH PROFFESIONALS registers tens of thousands of users among healthcare professionals. Our e-learning programme develops the expertise of healthcare professionals at a time of their choosing and in an environment that is most comfortable for their learning. aims to provide healthcare professionals with and alternative option for lifelong learning. We look for now topics to keep up with the medical trends. We are constantly improving the site and bringing new formats. 


Interactive educational formats, up-to-date information from the field and certificates that healthcare professionals can use in the lifelong learning system are the benefits that make a leader in online education for healthcare professionals.

Responses to the courses

  • Uvozovky

    I have developed several courses for and have supervised a number of others. The collaboration has always been on a professional level, making the courses fun to prepare. The friendly atmosphere of the PHCE team helps immensely. It also makes the stress of the presentation fall off one's shoulders. I see a great benefit in the electronic form of medical education, and that is also why I gladly agreed to the cooperation years ago.

    Chairman of the Urological-Gynaecological Society of the Czech Republic and the Section of Urology-Gynaecology of the Czech Gynaecological and Obstetrical Society (CGPS)
    Lukáš Horčička, MD, PhD
  • Uvozovky

    I have had the pleasure of working with PHCE for many years, especially within the EUNI DIA SPECIAL portal, which has become one of the most visited websites for diabetologists. The collaboration has been excellent – the ladies at PHCE are highly flexible and professional, but at the same time they have an understanding of the often forgetful and slightly confused professor whose confusions pass with refinement and humour😊. I must also appreciate the perfect appearance of the portal's website, the quality of the videos filmed and the constant effort to further improve everything. Simply, it's a collaboration to look forward to...

    Head of the Centre of Diabetology, Head of the Laboratory of Translational and Experimental Diabetology and Obesitology, IKEM
    prof. Martin Haluzík, MD, DrSc
  • Uvozovky

    I have been privileged to work with PHCE (Pears Health Cyber Europe, s.r.o.) since 2013, and after the 10 years of close cooperation, whether in the field of education on the EUNI web portal or in other marketing activities in the Czech Republic and abroad, including the EU, US and SAR, I can “only” thank them with utmost respect and admiration for their high degree of professionalism, flexibility and a brilliant sense of detail. I also want to thank the destiny for allowing us to meet and cross our life and business paths in the best sense possible.

    I can honestly say that, thanks to the thoughtful and determined personalities at PHCE, our medicinal projects have been very successful and have contributed towards improving the quality of treatment for patients in the Czech Republic and beyond its borders.

    I wish to sincerely thank PHCE for excellent teamwork. “Together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.”

    Yours respectfully,

    Product manager, AOP Health
    Gabriela Mrovcová, MBA

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